Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Our dedicated Intellectual Property (IP) professionals protect, enforce and enhance the value of our clients’ creative works, ideas, names, logos, technology and other innovations around the world.

Our clients include multinational corporations, middle-market companies, start-up ventures, small businesses, non-profits and individuals.

We have broad experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in IP-related litigations and anti-counterfeiting proceedings, prosecuting trademarks and copyrights, negotiating licenses and other IP agreements, and counseling on IP issues.

In the corporate area, we work with our clients to realize value and expand market awareness by licensing intellectual property rights, and through the financing, acquisition and sale of copyright and trademark assets.

We are proud to offer highly sophisticated advice and representation on a cost-efficient basis and through alternative fee arrangements that work for our clients and for the firm.

Our IP services include:

Litigating Copyright, Trademark, Trade Dress, Unfair Competition and Royalty Disputes.

We have successfully litigated trademark, copyright, trade secret, unfair competition and advertising cases throughout the country.

Our trademark practitioners have handled matters before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board as well as Letters of Protest in the Solicitor’s Office.

We also have substantial expertise in complex technology litigation, including disputes involving software ownership and use, technology-related contract and licensing issues, trade secrets, computer software development and other business technology systems.

Our negotiating skills and diligent case development often lead to successful settlements without the need for protracted litigation.

Supervising International Portfolios.

Through our experience and global network of foreign associates, we provide invaluable assistance in managing and searching IP rights not only in the EU but across the globe. Our network enhances our coordinated efforts to identify, protect and enforce our clients’ copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets in many jurisdictions at once.

Registering Trademark, Copyrights and Domain Names.

We counsel clients on the selection, registration, policing and assignment of trademarks representing product and business names, logos, designs, slogans and tag lines.

Negotiating Mergers, Acquisitions, Licenses and Other IP-Related Deals.

We offer top-notch IP transactional services in the purchase and sale of businesses with critical IP assets, including IP due diligence, joint ventures involving the development of IP assets, licensing technology, copyrights, trademarks and right of publicity, and distribution deals in a broad range of.